Beech Cocktail Muddler

Beech Cocktail Muddler

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A muddler is a must for all bartender's, this tool is used to mash - or muddle - fruits, herbs and spices in the bottom of a glass to release their flavour.

Examples of cocktails that require muddlers are Mojito's, Caipirinha's and Mint Julep's.

The cocktail muddler is derived from the traditional kitchen tool, the mortar and pestle as it uses the same technique - crushing - or muddling - to help release flavours of your cocktail ingredients.  This beech wood muddler measures 9.5" / 24cm and is designed to be long enough to reach the bottom of a hiball cocktail glass and the Boston Cocktail Shaker

  • Made from traditional beech wood
  • The star head offers a rougher approach to muddling, tearing and crushing the ingredients together
  • Can be even be used to crack ice for your cocktail