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Mangle & Wringer Spray & Go is an award-winning, multi-purpose cleaner, that contains an original recipe of lemon oil and is highly effective on all washable surfaces.  As a fermented product it is naturally antibacterial and will quickly remove grease, grime and odours to leave a sparkling, streak-free finish. Use it on sinks, worktops, tiles, cookers, glass and induction hobs, paintwork, taps, plastic, ceramics, stainless steel… the list is endless.

Because Spray & Go is made with food grade ingredients It can be used safely around food and is perfect for cleaning inside fridges and disinfecting chopping boards and cooking utensils and food containers. It will also safely clean toys, children’s high chairs and booster seats, particularly where they get encrusted with food. For tough jobs like ovens and cookers, or where you need something more abrasive, use together with Kitchen Cleanser for swift double-action cleaning without the risk of scratching.

500ml spray bottle