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Sacred Elephant

Luxury Incense Collection

Luxury Incense Collection

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These Sacred Elephant Luxury Incense sticks are hand-rolled in India and made according to timeless recipes handed down through the generations. Their clean, smooth burn will transport you to a sacred world with luxurious fragrances to suit your every mood or meditation.

    Approximately 10 incense sticks with an individual burn time of 45 minutes.


    Agarwood - Made using Assam Agarwood oil, one of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients available, the deep yet sensuous scent will complement those moments of introspection and meditation.

    Guara Leela - A provocative blend of Amber and Saffron offers an aroma that is bright, exhilarating and sensuous.

    Myrrh - You will find this a deep and engaging meditative experience. Using absolute high grade Myrrh resin creates an alluring and ambrosial incense that carries one on a nostalgic journey of antiquity.

    Rose - This is a romantic, warm and comforting incense to enhances moments of intimacy and tenderness; an essential incense for the romantics of the world.

    Sandalwood - Always a luxurious and exotic fragrance with woody undertones. Ancient cultures across the globe have used Sandalwood in the quest to provide feelings of calm, serenity, harmony and unity.

    Vraja Leela - An invigorating and vivacious incense fusing the tenderness of Jasmine and Rose with a soft hint of Lavender and Sandalwood. A spirited fragrance ideal for stimulating the senses.

    Frankie -  It reminds us of everything good about the summer... bright and exuberant with delicate citric headnotes blended with deep, silken coniferous base notes.

    Cedar - A lustrous scent known for its ability to aid relaxation and contemplation. Long used by the yogis of the east to bring forth inner strength and focus.


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