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Ethiopian Coptic Cross Very Large Intricate Design

Ethiopian Coptic Cross Very Large Intricate Design

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The craftsmanship and meticulous handcrafted process used to create an Ethiopian Coptic Cross is a time-honored tradition that's been passed down through many generations of highly skilled artisans. Made using the ancient 'lost wax' casting process which is all done by hand, each item is handmade and engraved, making each Coptic Crosses truly unique!

Coptic Crosses are laden with symbolism. The intricate lattice-like patterns represent the interconnectedness of humanity and divinity. The appreciation for Ethiopian crosses has led to them being sought-after pieces in the art and collectables market.

Authentic Ethiopian Coptic Cross, each one is unique. Handmade in a small foundry near Addis Ababa. Made with mixed metals mainly using brass. Ethically sourced and approved.

Size: 51cm H x 32cm W
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