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Nippon Kodo

Herb & Earth Incense Collection

Herb & Earth Incense Collection

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Herb & Earth Bamboo Incense is a collection produced by the world-renowned company, Nippon Kodo. Made with high quality ingredients and a bamboo core, they produce a smooth, pure fragrance.

Approximately 20 incense sticks with an individual burn time of 30 minutes.


Frankincense - Purifying, Rich, Balsamic.

Bergamot - Delicate, Fresh, Citrus.

Patchouli - Exotic, Deep, Earthy.

Rose - Delicate, Uplifting, Floral.

White Sage - Purifying, Clear, Refreshing.

Vanilla - Enchanting, Serene, Rich

Matcha - Refreshing, Soft, Green

Lemongrass - Crisp, Sweet-sour, Exotic

Jasmine - Alluring, Green, Rich

Cedar - Nostalgic, Calm & Woody


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