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Natalie Bond

Nathalie Bond Unwind Lavender + Bergamot Home Mist

Nathalie Bond Unwind Lavender + Bergamot Home Mist

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Unwind is a calming blend of soothing lavender and uplifting bergamot. This lovely multi-tasking mood-boosting aromatherapy mist instantly refreshes any room with a blend of organic essential oils. Spritz pillows to help calm the mind as you drift to sleep. 

Shake well before use and spritz generously into the air. Just before bed, spray over your bed and pillows from a distance of at least 30cm to allow for maximum scent dispersal. Allow the fragrance to settle for a minute before you get into bed and drift away.

Please do not spray directly onto fabrics or surfaces and do not spray near food and drink.


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