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The Botanical Candle Co.

The Botanical Candle Co. Brown Jar Collection

The Botanical Candle Co. Brown Jar Collection

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Luxurious glass jar scented candles made with natural soy wax fragranced with essential oils. With a slow and even burn, these candles give you hours of gentle fragrance. 


Lavender & Petitgrain - The combination of soothing Lavender essential oil alongside the clean and curious scent of Petitgrain, known for its ability to help ease feelings of anxiety, makes for the most comforting scent.

    Sweet Orange & Geranium - This uplifting combination is natural and clean: the orange brings a crisp yet sweet citrus hum while the green leafiness of geranium softens and rounds the scent. 

    Green Fig - The combination of green leaves and ripening fruit is fresh, grounded by notes of cedar. A sophisticated choice for kitchens and living spaces.

    Volume and burn time:

    180ml - 30 hours
    250ml - 40 hours
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