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The Botanical Candle Co.

The Botanical Candle Co. Winter Light Range

The Botanical Candle Co. Winter Light Range

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Introducing The Botanical Candle Co. Winter Light Range. Housed in luxurious brown glass jars, they are all natural candles made from 100% soy wax fragranced with essential oils. Perfect for everyday burning.


First Light - Eucalyptus and Mrytle. Light, clean and peppery; the freshest of the three winter scents thanks to its hero note of eucalyptus. Myrtle is a resinous, deeply fragrant oil that when burning smells like pepper, bay and juniper acting as a deeply grounding base note.

Half Light - Clementine & Clove. Warming, sweet clementine is perfectly balanced with deep spicy clove making for a lovely rounded scent. As dusk falls, light this candle in your kitchen or living spaces to give a warm background scent.

Last Light - Cinnamon & Rosemary. This scent is sweet, spicy and warming; think Christmas biscuits in the oven or a fresh plate of mince pies beside the fire. When the sun is long-gone and you need to shut out the cold, Last Light is there to see you through to bed time.

Volume and burn time:

180ml - 35 hours.

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