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Vintage Indian Kantha Throw Patchwork Multi Colour

Vintage Indian Kantha Throw Patchwork Multi Colour

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Add some colour, texture, charachter & uniqueness to your space with our one-off Vintage Indian Kantha. 

Vintage Indian Kantha are traditional quilts that would have been made by a Mother or Grandmother and passed down through the family. They're made by stitching together layers of old cotton sari fabric with a small straight running stitch. They make a gorgeous throw blanket for the bedroom or sofa.

Patchwork Mutli Colour Reversible.

Size: 162 x 216cm.

Heavyweight Larger size.

We adore vintage Kantha Throw Blankets which we've recently sourced from Jaipur, India.

With our unique vintage Kantha the main thing is to understand the individul charachter and intricacate detail that make up these one off pieces. 

Things to consider are wear factor, marks, faded spots, patches, and repairs, all of which contributes to making the vintage kantha so collectable. They won't make you happy if you’re expecting a perfect condition newly made box fresh throw blanket.

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